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  5. Selfipulk statiivi LED RING ja juhtmevaba puldiga SSTR-20

Selfipulk statiivi LED RING ja juhtmevaba puldiga SSTR-20

Värv: Must

Selfie Stick Tripod with Detchable Fill Light, it is easy to take selfie-photography or group photos, suitable for parties, travel, hiking etc. Also you can use it as a quick and easy tripod.


Thanks to thehidden retractable design, it is only 20.6mm or folded size and extension max. 97cm. Only 160g in weight , you could put it in pockets or other small bags. Whenver you want to record a beautiful moment, it always be there.


Adjustable Angle- The Bluetooth Selfie Stick adopts a 360 degree rotatable phone holder design, which supports mobile phone horizontal clips and vertical clamps.


The Bluetooth control distance is up to 33ft, which allows you to take photos by yourself or take group photos by taking off the remote controller.


Fast Bluetooth connection with your phone, you can easily use this hand holding selfie stick by pushing the shutter control button. You can use it for a close self-photography or extend it to get a larger scenery. What is more, you will be using it as a desktop phone holder, doing live internet broadcast, binge-watching TV shows, etc. With a very flexible adjustable view height, the nape ache, shoulder pain will be substantially reduced.




Bluetooth version:4.0
Wireless Range: 6 Meters
Net weight: 185g
Telescopic rod material: Stainless
Fill light battery: rechargeable battery
Fill Light Battery capacity: 100ma
Fill LightPlaytime: 2 Hours
Fill Light Charging time: 20 minutes
Product size:50 × 34 × 206~965 mm
Operation: Android 4.44+ / iOS 4.0

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