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  5. Selfipulk statiivi ja juhtmevaba puldiga Hoco K17 Must

Selfipulk statiivi ja juhtmevaba puldiga Hoco K17 Must

Värv: Must

Selfie stick with tripod function and wireless remote control. Perfect for photography fans. It helps to capture the most important moments in life.

Made of high-quality, stainless steel and ABS, it guarantees long-term and safe use. The compact size and lightweight foldable design make it easy to carry and store the selfie stick.

Adjustable length: the stick unfolds, so you can adjust its length to your individual needs. In addition, it has three fold-out legs that ensure stability and allow you to take pictures from a distance.

The portable remote control allows you to take pictures without holding the stick. The product connects to the device via Bluetooth technology.

Material: stainless steel + ABS
Size: 152 * 33 * 50 mm (extended height: 750 mm)
Weight: 125 g
Suitable for: 4.5-7 inch mobile phones (grip range: 62-90 mm)
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

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